What is the best food to eat in park?

Howdy Y’all!

How’s it going? It’s been a few while since I can update y’all with random things that goes in and out my mind! The first reason is of course, WORK! It’s been so hectic, with all the new people, the re-assigning of top management, etc. Lots of things changed, for better or worse.

I’ve changed also! I try to make my walk in the park a routine now. All the sitting in the office took tolls on me, and walking is a great way to battle the negative effects of sitting so much, or so I’ve read! Now to get into the post main idea, please watch this video that makes me do this post:

Hahaha! Well this is my take:

  1. Peanuts
  3. Oatmeal
  4. Fruits

Its kinda healthy right? Yeah I’ve been trying to move into a more healthier lifestyle for a while now. I just found out about a month or two, that my parents had diabetes. So I’ve been searching about ways to lower my GI and those foods listed above can do those!

Hope you guys are good! See you!

Interior Design Trends in 2016 Ideas

Hi y’all!

Back with me Margaret! Today I want to blog about ideas on redesigning your interior design! Whether its your bedroom, your child’s bedroom, or whatever it is in your home, I think I got you covered! It might seem a bit random, but here we go!

For starters, I found this youtube video that inspires me a lot about ideas on designing interior and the trend in this 2016.
Enjoy this first:

TOP 10 design IDEAS

That really gives you an inspiration or what?

This second video really helps me a lot because I’ve been stuck about doing my bedroom. I’ve been so sick of its decoration and arrangement since its been like that for almost 5 years and I’m soooo sooo lazy in redecorating it. However I’ve been gathering my resolve to finnally give it a try this month! If you pay attention to my tweets, I’ve been living in Malaysia for 1 year, and doing research in Malaysia is such a hassle! Did you know that the language makes it very hard here? I had to search for dekorasi bilik tamu for ideas in malaysia!

The main idea is that it’s very educated in regards to present tendencies with this particular room. Colours are extremely helpful with the pieces of furniture which have quite extensive geometrical shapes finish the serene feeling in the area as well as this particular detail. The mix of textures and colours is inspired from nature. The present style includes using bookshelves because these can alter the whole layout of the room made of modules. These modules must possess an incredibly solid one, but additionally a light construction and a distinct sophistication is highlighted by mixing them with distinct contrastive stuff.

The easiness space in your living room continues to be marked by the cloths on the ground, the fabrics used now reminding us. The lighting gear consists of manuscript paper also it keeps exactly the same refined touch. This kind of minimalist ornamentation is totally suited to the tiny spaces in our flats. In regards to colours and stuff, you need to identify specific interest places and decorate them correctly. It’s possible for you to join the flooring with ceramics, the spaces decorated representing the soft places in your living room, which are designed to make sure your rest. It’s possible for you to turn to some spots, which ensure light lights being really significant, also.

Thank god for IKEA for its delivery service though.



My Experience in Hyde Park

Hyde park is easily one of my favourite park in the whole world. My experience in there easily surpass all others. From the majestic gate, the vibrant crowd that goes there, the lush greeneries and how you can find new surprise everytime you goes there. What I like to do is just to go there early morning and just jog for a while. After working some sweats, i pick a nice spot to sit and then read my favorite books.

I just wish I can do that all the time, because of my work I am so busy nowadays 🙁

I hope you can enjoy this park as much as I do. :))